A Dog’s Night Be4 Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas I tore through the house Not a human was stirring ‘Cause they were passed out like drunken louse The stockings were hung on the mantel with care So I jumped, and I jumped…. Knowing organic dog treats would be there Daddy and Mommy were nestled all snug in their chairs […]

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A Furry Tail Came True

Over the weekend I received some disturbing news From one of my Facebook friends regarding a hybrid dog named Shoonka.  At the eleventh hour of his canine life he was facing death and not by any fault of his own. Miraculously this situation had a happy ending, but far too many times it ends in […]

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4 Shoonka The Hybrid Dog

Wolf-dogs are one of the most misunderstood animals in the world. This is a revised post, or one may say more of a marriage between two of my previous postings, given the current situation Shoonka is in.  The other posting was  “The Dog Whisperer Meets The Wolf-Dog”  http://bit.ly/cJO6cD which provided some educational insight to what […]

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Can We Save Shoonka By Monday

I am sharing this post out of urgency.  If  Shoonka’s owner cannot find a home for him by Monday, December 20, 2010 Shoonka will be PUT TO DEATH! Shoonka is a male Timber/Tundra/Malamute Wolf-dog who is loosing his only known home due to landlord issues. Shoonka’s studly attributes are: He’s very loving and affectioned boy. […]

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To be Clawed or Declawed that is the question

Here is a topic which has gotten friends, lovers, and families feuding as if they were The Hatfields & The McCoys… declawing the Cat. If you ever had a Cat’s claws hooked into your skin then watched the little booger pull their paws away as your skin continued to stretch like Aunt Ethel gnawing away […]

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