4 Shoonka The Hybrid Dog

Wolf-dogs are one of the most misunderstood animals in the world. This is a revised post, or one may say more of a marriage between two of my previous postings, given the current situation Shoonka is in.  The other posting was  “The Dog Whisperer Meets The Wolf-Dog”  http://bit.ly/cJO6cD which provided some educational insight to what […]

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Can We Save Shoonka By Monday

I am sharing this post out of urgency.  If  Shoonka’s owner cannot find a home for him by Monday, December 20, 2010 Shoonka will be PUT TO DEATH! Shoonka is a male Timber/Tundra/Malamute Wolf-dog who is loosing his only known home due to landlord issues. Shoonka’s studly attributes are: He’s very loving and affectioned boy. […]

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