A Furry Tail Came True

Over the weekend I received some disturbing news

From one of my Facebook friends regarding a hybrid dog named Shoonka.  At the eleventh hour of his canine life he was facing death and not by any fault of his own.

Miraculously this situation had a happy ending, but far too many times it ends in the MURDER of a family’s former healthy hybrid dog.  Given the current economic situations of many Pet Parents today, it’s tragic when these caregivers of wolf-dogs don’t find a suitable home for their once adored pets.  The outcome is usually death becomes her / him.

I am elated to share with you all Shoonka has found a home.  He’ll be in his new digs just before the New Year (more like next week Sunday).

So in showing of gratitude, I dedicate this post to you ALL who made it happen for Shoonka the four-legged little Angel during his time of need.

In this season of giving and celebration… it’s deeply gratifying to know saving a life is the best gift of all, and I am ever so blessed to be connected with such wonderful people.

Love Wave•*¨*•.¸¸•*¨*• •*¨*•.¸¸•*¨*• and Gratitude

Now I depart you with this; 

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and etc., etc., etc.

*My selection of the wording above was chosen for the following reason:  When one says an Animal is being destroyed, put down, euthanized, lets’ call it for what it truly is MURDER (there is a life force here) not an object such as a Building, Car, Bio Waste, or out dated files normally sent off to Shred-it… those are things A.K.A. garbage not a former Pet.
Mercy killings are excluded from this hence terminal illnesses effecting the quality of life & etc., etc.

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