Can We Save Shoonka By Monday

I am sharing this post out of urgency. 

If  Shoonka’s owner cannot find a home for him by Monday, December 20, 2010 Shoonka will be PUT TO DEATH!
Shoonka is a male Timber/Tundra/Malamute Wolf-dog who is loosing his only known home due to landlord issues.
Shoonka’s studly attributes are:

  • He’s very loving and affectioned boy.
  • Shoonka is low and quite.

He is around 5-6 years old, neutered, and up to date on shots.  Shoonka is good with other dogs,  he’s good with the owner’s horses, yet it would be advisable he is kept away from livestock and small animals.  Wolf-dogs have a strong prey drive.

Shoonka is house, and crate trained, he enjoys leash walking and even running along his owner’s ATV so would make a great jogging partner!

Shoonka rides well in vehicles, but can be a bit protective of his truck, Shoonka will bark when visitors approach but will calm down and has shown no aggressions with food or toys.

He’s a gentle giant, bit of an escape artist and will need secure Wolf-dog fencing (Wolf-dogs are able to jump 6 feet straight off the ground without a running leap to clear a fence.  It’s strongly recommended to have a closure for Wolf-dogs, in conjunction to the post being firmly secured by concrete several feet under ground. Wolf-dogs are highly experienced natural diggers, they excavate their dens in the wild).

Shoonka has climbed a six-foot fence so you’ll need to have LEAN INS/hot wire.  A hot wire also on the bottom or a dig guard/RR ties… he needs Wolf-dog fencing.

Shoonka is a special boy who would make a wonderful, playful companion.  He would do best with a girlfriend or other canine friend.  This is a delightful animal who just needs the right loving folks to give him a wonderful home.

Come on folk, please share this post with your friends and family, and let’s band together and try to save Shoonka’s life.  If you’re in, or near Western Colorado please contact Adrienne at

Thanks guys, and sorry for the short notice.


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