Help Stop the Federal Wolf Killing Plan

Please don’t let history repeat itself here in the United States.

We destroyed every one of our Native Wolves, if not for our Canadian friends we would not have been able to reintroduced Wolves back to Yellowstone. And once more they are in danger. Learn about their history and see how they’ve benefit our Eco system by their return.

Benefits of Wolves : The ecological and economic benefits they bring.

Wolves are the top predator in most environments in which they live and the trickle down effect of their presence is astounding. In Yellowstone, prior to the wolves’ reintroduction in 1995, elk basically roamed wherever they chose and tended to spend most of their time in the river valleys.

This excessive streamside grazing prevented willow and cottonwood tree growth along the river banks. But when the wolf returned, the elk quickly learned they couldn’t set up permanent housekeeping in the valleys and they moved on to make a living in other areas. This, in turn, allowed young trees to grow along the riverbeds. The new trees shaded the river water, creating improved habitat for trout, which thrive in cooler, darker waters. The new willows and cottonwoods attract additional migratory birds and provided new food sources and building materials for beavers.

The beavers then built dams which created new marshes and wetlands that in turn attracted otters, ducks and other species. Wolves provide tremendous economic benefits.


Is quickly moving to the forefront of family recreational activities. The longing to see animals in their natural habitat has created an economic boom throughout the United States. In Yellowstone, fishing has always been a big industry and the improved environment along the river caused by the wolf’s presence has improved fishing opportunities. The wolves themselves are also a huge tourist draw, with many people making Yellowstone their vacation destination expressly for the purpose of seeing wolves. Indeed, most sunrises in Yellowstone are accompanied by rows and rows of nature lovers with spotting scopes, all straining for a glimpse of the elusive wolf.

Wolves pose little threat to livestock and humans. In fact, their prey of choice has been wild game like deer and elk for centuries. The same is true for human/wolf interactions. Despite claims by wolf opponents, the fact remains that aggression by wolves against humans is a very rare event.

However there are many who wish to see one of Nature’s treasures controlled by mass killings due to slaughter of their livestock, when there are other was to address the issue.

And now that you know the Wolf a little better please take the time out and sign the petition to stop the Federal Wolf Killing Plan by clicking on the following link below.


*Steve Irwin – Benefits of Wolves : The ecological and economic benefits they bring.

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      Thnx for your kind words, I’m deeply touched 🙂 I thought why not create a blog of simple randomness of everyday life… something we all can relate to in one way or another.

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