Advice on clipping Cat’s Claws

Ti-Rat, Montreal born red cat, showing his cla...
See my claws

I was asked for advice on how to clip Cat’s claws

This was an excellent question, for the simple fact many Cat owners are afraid to do it. So here’s my take on how.

Response to question~

Glad you asked…. after I get Sox settled on my lap and praising him to no end. I gently hold his paws using both my hands, his reaction to this is to relax his paws… while he’s in this blissful trance I proceed to gingerly massage his paws.  Switching off to one hand while the other hand gets the clippers ready, keeping him distracted (so I think). With the hand I used to continue the messaging, I now use it to softly press on his paw, your Cat’s response to this will be his or hers claws coming forward no longer retracted.

Closely examine the claws (it’s best to do this in a well lighted area) if you do, you will be able to see the veins within each claw, quickly clip away from the vein… never clip at the vein, your Cat’s claw will bleed if done. Then repeat the process 9 more times (if you’re only doing the front paws per cat) for me it’s more like 27 times

After the clipping of the claws, I kindly reward the little Babies with treats for allowing me to clip their claws. I hope this helped.

A final note if anyone should ever cut into their Cat’s vein, you could use a product to stop the bleeding such as Kwik-Stop Powder…

I keep it on hand just in case, I’ve never cut into one of my Cats veins… however Cats move very fast, and anything could happen. See link for more info It may also help to keep your Veterinary’s number programmed in both your home and cell phones.

Also see the video on clipping your cat’s claws.

Purr you later ^-^

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