To be Clawed or Declawed that is the question

Here is a topic which has gotten friends, lovers, and families feuding as if they were The Hatfields & The McCoys… declawing the Cat.

If you ever had a Cat’s claws hooked into your skin then watched the little booger pull their paws away as your skin continued to stretch like Aunt Ethel gnawing away on the BBQ Ribs from last year’s 4th of July Picnic, then you already had the outer body… finding religion experience.

Meaning you may strongly appeal to have any Cat’s paws declawed or, you maybe like me… a glutton for punishment.

I have 3 Cats, all with claws intact…. which I clip myself every two weeks. Funny how clipping one Cat’s claws sends out a telepathic message to the others “go, seek shelter and hide”. 

Yet, I do have a special bond with Mr. Sox an 18lb. Tuxedo Cat, his method of choice is to con his way out of it.  He’ll lick your hand, your face, if that fails, grab after the clippers, snatch his paws away, and if that should fail, he pulls out the big guns.  He transforms himself into Cujo, and I into Lara Croft, then I straddle him… pull out one leg at a time and clip away.

He should thank the Deity Isis, I’m only doing his front paws. So, here is my question to you: What would you do… be clawed or declaw the Cat?

If you’re for declawing, which procedure would you elect to have done… the old way or use today’s newest technology and have the Laser Declawing?

Purr you later ^-^

3 thoughts on “To be Clawed or Declawed that is the question

  1. My little Piglet ( has been brilliant about not clawing. Only my mistakes in treating him like a dog rather than a kitten have caused serious damage. He doesn’t claw the furniture, pulls his punches when playing and lets me trim his nails (I started when he was only 7 or 8 weeks old.) I was quite shocked when the receptionist wanted to know if Pig was getting declawed when he was fixed.

    Declawing – absolutely NOT!

    1. Well a big HELLO to you Pat,
      I’m so honored to have you stop by and leave a comment here as an avid reader & RTer of your blog.
      Yes… I can relate to Cat conversion. I started out as a dog person as well, until the day Sox (who thinks he’s a dog) finagled his way into our lives.

      Most Cat owners only think from their prospective and not from the Feline’s. Clawing is an essential part in exercising the muscles in their toes. Cats use and need their claws for a variety of reasons. To aid in balance, protection, hunting, and marking their territories along with the scent glands in their paws. For Felines, it’s about communication, function and survival.

      So Cat owners should visualize it this way… If we had all 10 fingers amputated just under our nail beds, how efficient would our hands be?

      Pat let me say CONGRATS for your little Piglet in remaining intact, and KUDOS to you!

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